Impress Using Laser-Cut Vents and Return Air Filter Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 5/18/2015
Efficient ventilation is no longer just a professional advice; it’s a must-do home improvement project for every homeowner. Investing in appropriate ventilation isn't just for comfort, but will also have positive benefits to the general health of occupants, and will help lessen the load on your wallet. For this reason, a number of products and systems are recommended for installations, including vents and panels. Aside from air conditioning system, the air return vents, panels and grilles are the traditional installations used in promoting efficient ventilation. Strategically-placed vents and grilles can help facilitate air circulation within the garage or rooms, and help promote a smoother flow of air for effective heating and cooling. 

Vents and grilles are usually installed in the ceiling, near the bottom of the walls and can work in the garage as well or in any areas where efficient ventilation is required. While traditional metallic vents and grilles work, its design can be old-fashioned, plain and predictable. Add the complications that come with cleaning and maintaining these traditional metallic grilles and vents, and you have all the reasons to plan for replacements. 

Bespoke laser-cut vents and grilles provide attractive replacements 

When aesthetics matter without having to sacrifice the need to promote improved airflow, then bespoke vents and grilles should be used. This can be done by replacing stock metallic vents and grilles with bespoke laser-cut vents and grilles. There are two ways on how you can install bespoke solutions-one, you can go the DIY route by designing and making your own vents and grilles, or work with a company that provides custom laser-cut vents and return air grilles. 

Completing a DIY project can tap into your passion and can be fulfilling, but requires hard work, skills (like CAD) and access to resources. The other option is to work with the pros like Pattern Cut. Companies like Pattern Cut can work with clients and individual homeowners to design and make custom vents and grilles, available in cherry, oak or maple veneer. Aside from a choice in measurement, wood and finishes, custom laser-cut vents and grilles can also come in varying designs depending on customer requests. Stock designs are available, but some companies allow homeowners to choose their own design. You can even requests for popular art or designs inspired by your favorite cartoon characters that can be incorporated in laser-cut vents and grilles. Don’t worry if the selected design is too intricate; with laser technology, the pros can easily work out personalized designs and stamp your ordered vents and grilles with your personal trademark.

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